Rick Mountfort works under the name Spine. He started doing artwork in 1979, primarily illustrations of a horrific nature and some comics, for local music newspapers, magazines, and record jackets in Washington, DC. Some of the rags were the now-defunct Unicorn Times, the DCPeriod, and later, various other zines around the world like Purple Monkey, Euthanasia, Earwax, Lobotomy, OX PX, and many more. During that period he worked as a freelance sign artist and as a mural artist for about four years, with Byron Peck. In 1996 Spine started working as a regular contributor to Scary Monsters Magazine, The New Castle of Frankenstein, The New Journal of Frankenstein, and World of Fandom Magazine, doing black and white interior illustrations and a color cover for the 1996 Scary Monsters Annual. Since that time he has done over two hundred monster portraits, depicting Hollywood's creepiest stars. The work he did for those magazines led to his being chosen to illu7strate the New Adventures of Frankenstein series of books, doing an average of twenty black and white illustrations for each, as well as wrap-around color covers for all eleven books. They were all written by Don Glut, who wrote for Creepy and Eerie and the original Vampirella  magazines. (see Warren Pub. Vampirella#1, et al.) Glut has authored comics (Dr. Spektor) and many books including the novelization of George Lucas' The Empire Strikes Back. He also scripted and directed several movies including Countess Dracula and The Mummy's Kiss. Spine's record jackets  and music art include Act Your Rage, the first LP for former Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele's Undead, also Mike Hudson's solo CD Unmedicated. Hudson was the driving force behind punk icons The Pagans. Spine did four covers for mega punk producers of monster mayhem Electric Frankenstein (who have produced over sixty-five records). He also did four covers for Boston's hardcore hellions Psycho, not to mention artwork for the first Fist Full of Rock 'n' Roll series, which featured  new material from many bands, notably Captain Sensible (front The Damned) plus Ron and Scott Ashton from The Stooges and Destroy All Monsters. Additional work by Spine can be found in Frankenstein Chronicles (Don Glut, McFarland Press 2002) and in the Electric Frankenstein Poster Book (Dark Horse 2002)